Thursday, January 29, 2009

Birth Of A Blog

After much encouragement to live what I love, Classic Kitchen Twist food blog is born! I love to eat and cook just as much as the next person and I am good at what I do. Sure, some of my experiments are better off scraped into the trash rather than daring to try and tantalize a taste bud or two. I truly believe that you must experiment with all types of ingredients and not get stuck in a rut of fixing the same old standby meal every week. My passion is for the meal itself, not dessert. Don't get me wrong, I have a huge sweet tooth and love desserts, however, I am not an artistic person nor do I tend to follow recipes or exact measurements. For desserts and baking in general, exact measurements are a must.
The intention of this blog is to post meal ideas from my Personal Chef job every week. I will also review and rate some of my kitchen favorites from tools to ingredients. Finally, the most exciting for me, will be reviews on restaurants. How many times has someone told you to try a "great restaurant" only to be disappointed for throwing your money away?! This has happened to me more often than not and in this economy we can't afford to be wasteful of anything.
I welcome your comments and suggestions of things you would like to see on this blog as well as your personal favorites you would like me to try.

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