Thursday, July 29, 2010

I Need A Mommy Drink

After a long and exhausting day of back to school shopping (and the sticker shock from the purchased school supplies), I really needed a "mommy drink" or two or even three!  I was craving  a Midori concoction but was out.  Thank goodness I remembered I still had some fresh white honeydew from the farmers market that I could use.  Let me just say that this white honeydew is the sweetest thing that has passed through these lips all summer - yum!  However, as wonderful as this melon is, I do NEED a light libation to get me through dinner prep. 
After blending honeydew, cantaloupe, a splash of orange juice, ice & a squeeze of lime, I needed to decide what type of liquor to add to take this summer cooler over the top. So many choices that I couldn't decide so I added several.  After about an ounce each of vodka, tequila, gin & a splash of white zinfandel, I believe I had my drink!  The melon cooler reminded me of a Long Iced Tea because I couldn't taste any of the alcohol!  So good yet has the potential to be dangerous if I drink too many! 

 Perfect way to unwind while I grilled burgers loaded with fresh veggies (yes, there is a burger under it all) for dinner.  What a great summer meal!


  1. This sound dangerously delicious! Wishing I had honeydew now...wait I have a watermelon - close enough! :)

  2. Here via FoodieBlogroll.

    Hot? Here in TN? Nah.... ;)

    I keep grilling burgers even in the winter, but you are right, summer burgers with summer produce are better!

  3. OMG, make me one of those drinks now please, lol! Sounds like my kind of drink!

  4. Sounds like a very nice refreshing drink for sure!

  5. I like this drink, looks really nice and delicious. I love honeydew!
    Greetings from Italy!!