Monday, August 16, 2010

Palm Plates Biodegradable Review

First, let me start this post by thanking Justin Marx at Marx Foods for the sample of the Palm Plates.  I had forgotten that I was going to be receiving them so it was a great surprise when UPS came to the door!  I was expecting a small box or envelope with a plate - yes, 1 plate - so I was shocked when a decent sized box was packed with several plates of different sizes.

After opening the box, I have to admit that the top few plates were not the prettiest things I had seen.  They actually looked like they had been used and  picked out of the trash (sorry Justin, you said to be honest) and boxed.  Even my son, who was home from college, thought I had a pile of plates to be thrown away (again, sorry Justin) when I questioned why he wasn't using them.  This is where the old saying "don't judge a book by its cover" comes in (it's going to get really good Justin).  This is one of the prettier plates!

Palm Plates are a disposable and biodegradable plate made from leaves that have fallen from the Adaka palm tree.  The leaves are not picked or cut off nor is the tree cut down for this process, they are actually gathered from the ground and so the process begins. Please visit their site to read about the rest of the green production process.

The plates are not all the same size or thickness due to the natural product, so I knew there would be variations in this as well as the color of each plate.  I picked them up and inspected several and was almost convinced these were not disposable due to how sturdy they were.  The thought even crossed my mind to wash them when finished with dinner (I still might try this with the couple I have left) just to see how well they hold up to water.  I would love to try the bowls to hold soup or cereal!  Yes, Palm Plates even makes bowls, utensils, several shapes of plates and entire place settings - everything you need except the drinkware for your next soiree.

Not only was I impressed with how sturdy the plates were, the smallest size I tried held a TON of food.  The picture below has at least 2 cups of melon, a container of yogurt, a small bagel and the scattering of blueberries. As you can see, there is still room for plenty more on that plate!  These plates would hold a Thanksgiving feast no problem without the need to refill. 

Needless to say, I absolutely love these plates!  After getting past "the face only a mother could love",  I looked deeper and found true beauty.  I would use these every meal if I could get away with it (told you it would get better Justin).

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